Peter Pan

In the summer of 2019 the Teatteri-Traktori theatre group presents a reimagined classic: Peter Pan. Neverland is an island somewhere in the world. All four seasons and all the habitats of the world exist simultaneously on the island, and all manner of mythical creatures call it home. Neverland is a place where one can fly with the power of happy thoughts, and anyone can be whatever they want to be. 

Join the adventure!

Based on J.M.Barrie’s novel Peter Pan. The play is in Finnish, but contains plenty of action and dramatic moments that are understandable even through language barriers. 

Director & dramatization: 
Tomi Kervinen

Jonna Kuittinen
Ella Törmikoski
Kaisa Kervinen
Tanja Matilainen, Eve Pietarinen, Markus Pulkkinen etc..


Kalle Pulkkinen
Tuomas Salopuro
Sanni Hirvonen
Ella Törmikoski
Iiro Tuovinen
Sami Nousiainen
Elli Raijas
Nina Wikström 
Anu Ruuttanen
Aava Kervinen
Unna Räsänen
Elsa Tomukorpi
Aamos Kervinen
Sara Vainikka

Theatre for all ages!  Especially well suited for children and adults.

Barnyard animals, coffee & cinnamon rolls

Sinkkola is home to all kinds of barnyard animals, and you can pay them a visit before and after the show. 

Weather is a small talk subject, not an obstacle

We perform no matter the weather, with the exception of thunderstorms and extremely heavy rain. If the performance is paused due to extreme weather, we will exchange tickets to shows on another date, but we will finish the performance if there is no force majeure situation. 

Ticket date exchange due to weather is only done on the spot, during the performance. 

Snap those pictures, but hands off the record button!

It’s OK to take pictures of the show and the characters and you can use those pictures for personal use or post them on social media platforms (please use #peterpan19 and #teatteritraktori when you do!). Using pictures for third party advertisement or commercial purposes always requires permission from the theatre. Recording video of the performance is prohibited due to copyright laws.