Theatre with kids under 3

Theatre with kids under 3

The show is for people of all ages! We take special care that our content is suitable for everyone. Our theatre group consists of people who have children or who work with children and education, and who feel passionate about creating art for the whole family. 

We try to deal with all kinds of issues that make up life and that includes sad things like loss, death, longing and such, and we do our best to deal with them in a way that is understandable and relatable to people whether they are 40 or 4 years old. This is the big challenge that we tackle every year, and we hope that our plays find their way into the thoughts, conversations and imaginations of our viewers well after the curtain falls. 

With all that said, it’s quite possible that a napping child will wake up, or a sensitive child might find the sounds loud. It’s okay to bring ear protectors for those sensitive to loud noises: OUR ACTORS NEED TO SPEAK LOUD ENOUGH TO BE HEARD, AND THERE’S PLENTY OF MUSIC AND ACTION ON TOP OF THAT!

We’ve observed that most kids at the age of three can concentrate on a performance roughly 45 minutes at a time, so we’ve divided our shows to two halves that last roughly 45 minutes each with plenty of stuff to do in between. This is why we consider children of 3 years and older to require tickets. 

Families can consist of citizens of all ages, however, and you’re free to take children under the age of three with you, free of charge. We try to make room for baby carriages in the audience, but if it gets crowded, you can leave the carriage outside and the little one in your lap or sit them next to you. It’s perfectly okay to pop out in the middle of the show to nurse, take a toilet break or a little timeout to catch a wink of sleep, see the animals or visit the playground and then come back. We won’t mind!